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Delish Beef Tenderloin

A simple but so impressive meal for family or friends is a beef tenderloin, easy to prepare, cook and serve.  When I first started cooking I was too intimidated to even try to cook a tenderloin.  First its very expensive so if I ruined it I would feel horrible. So I studied several recipes and of course searched the internet for guidance.  Here is what I have come up with!  Try it and let us know what your results are!  This has been a "hit" each time I serve it!

Have your local butcher trim and tie the tenderloin, this makes it easy for me!

An hour before you put the tenderloin in the oven bring the meat to room temperature.  I use a really simple combination of oil (about 2 tbsps),  2-4 cloves of garlic minced, salt and pepper for a rub.  I rub this into the meat about 1/2 hour before I pop it in the oven.  For 4-5 pounds of meat I plan on cooking it for 45 minutes at 425 degrees (make sure you preheat the oven).  It should register 125 degrees on a meat thermometer.  Remove the meat from the oven and cover it with a loose foil tent for 30 minutes.  This should give you a medium to medium rare tenderloin!  

While the meat is cooking I make a yummy Port Wine Reduction sauce, I found it online years ago and it is always a hit.  And....its simple!
Heat 1-1/2 tablespoons of butter over mediu-high heat until foamy.  Add 2 pound of sliced mushrooms (a variety of whatever you like - I used shiitake and just plain old mushrooms) and 1/4 cup of Shallots, chopped.  Cook and stir until the mushrooms are tender.  Remove them from the pan and set aside.
In the same skillet bring 1 cup of good Port Wine (I use Port that has been aged for 10 years, but I think any cheap port will work).  Cook over high heat for 507 minutes or until almost syrupy (reduced to about 2 tbsps).  Stir in 1 can (13-15 oz) beef broth, 1/4 cup (I use a little less) of Dijon-style mustard, and1 tbsp of cornstarch desolved in tbsp of beef broth or water.  Cook until slightly thickened and bubbly, stirring occasionally.  Return mushrooms to the sauce.

I actually make the reduction sauce earlier in the day so I can spend the 45 minutes that the meat is cooking to prepare the starch and vegies that I will serve with the tenderloin. The leftovers are wonderful too!
Slice the meat and laddle the reduction sauce over the meat, sprinkle some chopped parsley on top and enjoy.  Be ready for some compliments!

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